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Goode Educational Services Inc. offers premium educational services to students across Ontario, with a specialization in supporting students with acquired brain injuries, as well as those with other special learning needs. Our passion is in what we do and the population we serve! We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to education by supporting students from both a subject-specific and a strategies-specific perspective. Our goal is not only to support our clients academically, but also to assist them with developing the necessary skills to be successful and independent with their learning. In doing so, we help all our students learn how to learn.



Our mission is to provide a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning that is both student-focused and strategies-focused. We assist students in building their learning potential, so they can move forward with independence and confidence.



Our vision is to be an integrated professional service and work as a complement to the education system for students of all abilities. We are committed to advocating for and providing equal access to learning opportunities that not only celebrate the abilities of our students, but also explore the vast learning potential that is within them. In doing so, our students are guaranteed to receive the opportunity to learn, grow and live into being the best they can be.



  • Inclusivity
  • Advocacy
  • Collaboration
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Commitment to Best Practices and Innovation in Education

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