When considering educational support for your child, it's important to ask questions and understand the services available to you. Here are answers to our most common questions!

Do you provide straight tutoring services?

Yes, we do! Goode Educational Services Inc. provides private tutoring services focused on subject-specific and strategies-specific support. Teacher-tutors typically provide services in-home, or at a local library, and you can expect to receive a bi-weekly report on ongoing progress.

What's the difference between a teacher-tutor and an educational consultant?

Good question!

Teacher-tutors provide 1:1, subject-specific support and at the same time assist students in developing essential learning strategies necessary for academic success. Tutoring services typically occur 1-2 times per week on an ongoing basis.

Educational consultants on the other hand, provide their educational expertise on an as-needed basis and assist parents to navigate the education system, providing feedback on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), conducting educational assessments, liaising with schools and teachers, attending Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) meetings, organizing accommodations at the post-secondary level, and monitoring the work of the teacher-tutor. Educational consultants also work with schools to build capacity around brain injury and education, and work closely with rehabilitation teams to best represent and support positive educational outcomes for their clients.

All teacher-tutors and educational consultants are certified teachers in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. Educational Consultants typically have advanced qualifications in special education, administration, and have held leadership positions within the school system.

What ages do you serve?

We services students of all ages! Currently our youngest client is 4 years old and our oldest client in their 40s. Essentially, if you or someone you know has a brain injury, or has special learning needs and requires educational support, then we are here to help!

What population do you serve?

We services students of all abilities! Whether our students have a formal identification or exceptionality, or they just need some extra academic support, we're here to help.

Do you conduct educational assessments?

We certainly do! Our team of educational consultants is qualified to conduct educational assessments including the PIAT-R, KeyMath, and DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment). We're also certified to administer and interpret the Strong Interest Inventory, a vocational inventory for students seeking assistance with identifying their future career and educational goals. We also use the LASSI (Learning Skills and Study Strategies Inventory) to inform our approach and better understand the needs of our students.

Are you on HCAI?

We most certainly are! For insurance referrals, it is important to know that we are licensed through FSCO, write our own treatment plans, and in turn submit them through HCAI. Billing is completed in house and submitted through HCAI on a monthly basis.

What are the fees for your services?

Our fees vary depending on the service provided. Please contact us for our current fee schedule.

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